Press Release from Governor Malloy

March, 2015
Norfolk Town Center, Norfolk

DOH will provide up to $3 million to assist in the development of 10 affordable apartments for families in Norfolk.  The units will be created on three sites in the heart of Norfolk Village.  These units will provide much needed affordable housing in Norfolk and will be walkable to the town center.  The development will makes optimum use of existing developed land while maintaining the character and living environment of the surrounding area. The town center of Norfolk provides a wide range of amenities, so residents will be able to walk to many destinations including the library, restaurants, bank, town hall, the post office, shopping, churches, and Infinity Hall.  The units also will be served by the Rural Transit Inter-Regional transportation service, which serves 16 towns in the Northwest area of Connecticut. The project will serve families with incomes ranging from 25-60% of the area median income.”