Haystack Woods

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A community of 10 affordable homes near the town center designed for low total cost of ownership through net zero design in which solar energy production matches year-round energy needs.

The Haystack Woods house are designed with first-time home buyers and downsizing older buyers in mind.

The Site

  • 39-acre former gravel pit will be reclaimed for housing
  • Walking distance to the town center
  • More than 50% of the land will be donated for conservation
  • Homes are sited to encourage a sense of community with loop roads and shared solar carports

The Houses

Based on a prototype net zero house that tied for 1st place in the CT Net Zero Energy Challenge in 2015, these houses have a high performing shell that limits heating and cooling loads, enabling very efficient air-source heat pumps to maintain a consistent year-round temperature.

Features include:

  • A robust shell that is low maintenance, very energy efficient, and relatively inexpensive to construct
  • Careful selection and pairing of products, systems and construction techniques, reducing the initial cost of construction compared to standard wood frame construction
  • A simple mechanical system
  • Durable materials to reduce on-going maintenance costs

Features That Distinguish Haystack Woods

  • Total Cost of Ownership as a guiding design principle
  • Net Zero – The first net zero community development in the state
  • Replicable and Scalable – Haystack Woods will be a prototype community development
  • Durable and Low Maintenance materials and systems will ensure that these homes remain viable for decades and homeowners are not plagued with high repair or replacement costs. Simple HVAC systems, concrete walls, no leaking drafty basements, and no overflowing rain gutters mean these homes will stand the test of time.
  • Disaster Resistant and Resilient – These homes will stand up to fire and high winds better than “standard construction”, protecting the health and safety of the occupants over the long-term. During power failures, these homes will remain comfortable in the summer and resistant to frozen pipes in the winter.
  • Site Features
    • Single family homes allowing for physical distancing
    • Within a small vibrant community, outside of dense city populations
    • Opportunity for exercise – walking, biking, running  and hiking
    • Access to local produce, as well as open space for gardening
  • Spatial/Functional Provisions for Covid-like Situations
    • Work and study at home
    • Easily accessible cleaning stations near entry
    • Separate bathrooms for isolation/quarantine
  • Utilities Incorporated
    • Photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity and achieve net zero
    • High quality internet for home office – fiber optic ready
    • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with variable air changes to balance energy efficiency with fresh air to minimize spread of illness