Historic District Rentals

Shepard Road Property

Town Center Rentals

The Town Center Rental project created 12 rental units that are fully occupied and have a waiting list.   The undertaking was financed largely through a CT Department of Housing affordable housing grant and was completed within budget.   It was in many ways a model project for affordable housing. Five deteriorating structures were renovated, creating a total of 12 rental apartments, on two separate properties.  Located in the Norfolk Historic District,  the Shepard Road Property has two buildings: the larger has four apartments, the smaller building has two units.   The Burr Property, which has three duplex houses, also has six apartments. Because all these buildings have been deemed historically significant, great care was taken to preserve original historic features and craftsmanship.

Burr Property

Historic Preservation

The Town of Norfolk created the Norfolk Historic District in 1963, one of the earliest to be formed in Connecticut.  As a result of this designation, a number of Norfolk’s historically significant buildings have been preserved and protected. The amount of good architecture in Norfolk is surprising for such a small rural town, and  the town’s relatively unspoiled appearance is a source of great pride within the community.  All the FNL properties are located along Greenwoods Road, which was formerly known as the Greenwoods Turnpike.  The Greenwoods Turnpike was notable as a major thoroughfare for travel from Hartford to Albany and for trade between Boston and New York.

Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings

The three major benefits of adaptive reuse of historic buildings are: maintaining the best features of a building which would be cost-prohibitive to reproduce in new construction; reducing the amount of construction debris that goes to landfills; and maintaining that sense of place or a living picture of how a town’s buildings have grown and changed over the years.